" “Manchester United” vs “Barcelona”… Which Team Will Qualify For UCL Semi Final?
Friday, July 3, 2020

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“Manchester United” vs “Barcelona”… Which Team Will Qualify For UCL Semi Final?

The Uefa Champions League quarter final draw was done today 15th of March, 2019 and the 8 football teams that qualified for the quarter final round as been paired to know which clubs will make it through to the next round (Semi Final).

Ajax was paired with Juventus , Liverpool versus Porto , Tottenham verse Man City and lastly Manchester United verse Barcelona . Out of the four matches, “Man United” verse “Barcelona” seems to be the star match in the quarter final round as both clubs have played recently at crucial stages (Semi Final in 2007/2008, Final in 2008/2009 also in the final again in 2010/2011). Barcelona is ahead of Manchester United with their head to head record having won both Champions League Final clashes.

Now mymusicnigeria wants to get who can Predict
Which Team Will Be Crossing Over To The Semi Final Between “Manchester United” and “ Barcelona”?.

Drop your predict at the comment section below.

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