" At last I got my life back completely from diabetes cage… Mr Adewale Edward’s story
Thursday, June 4, 2020

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At last I got my life back completely from diabetes cage… Mr Adewale Edward’s story

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Adewale feared he would not live long enough to raise his kids. He had “the whole package” according to his doctor: Type 2 diabetes and just about every kind of risk factor for a heart attack, despite being only 43 years old.
His doctors just wanted to add ever more medication. But Adewale went searching frantically online for a cure, as he wanted to live. And then he came across this website.
What happened next – in just a few weeks – surprised both Adewale and his doctor:
Living Successfully With Diabetes
My name is Adewale Edward, 43 year-old male living in Bayelsa. I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes since 2004, along with high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterols with low HDL; (my doctor says “the whole package”). For the last 10 years I underwent continuous oral medications and my doctor (endocrinologist) repeatedly insisted in the last 3 years that I start taking insulin shots which I refused. Also, my dietician for diabetes management advised me with a food chart to follow, which had so much of carbs in it, like rice, biscuits, oats, etc.
I had been monitoring my blood sugar irregularly and on this faithful day on a sudden random check after dinner (2 hours) found it to be very high at 353 mg/dl. The levels showed high too during random checks for the next 4 days.
I really got alarmed and went for a blood test on the following day at a lab for FBS, PP, HbA1c and Lipids. I panicked, I feared for my life, I have 2 kids (a daughter of 7 years and a son of 1 year) and felt that I may die of heart attack anytime now and won’t be able to raise them.
However, I did not go to my doctor then, as I knew that she would insist me to take insulin shots immediately, and this was something I did not want to do. I started to look up the internet and searched frantically for a cure for diabetes, but Adewale took the bull by the horn and engaged the natural therapy.
See it here http://goo.gl/7mryft as he want to live.
Today Adewale feel better as his blood pressure and blood sugar were normal which the results were a pleasant surprise: Just one month’s Natural Diabetes Therapy http://goo.gl/7mryft was a huge success to reduce diabetes! I was so happy after 10 long years. Though I know that I have miles to go, but this gave me a great motivation and I now aim to eliminate diabetes. I had trusted your guidance and I was not let down.
Tips for Managing Type 2 Diabetes
Adewale Edward’s advice is straightforward: “If you have diabetes, take this natural therapy and pay attention,” he says. See it here http://goo.gl/7mryft
There are many medications and natural solutions available to help treat type 2 diabetes, along with lifestyle changes that can completely reverse diabetes and stabilize blood sugar levels but I strongly recommend this one that gave me my life back. See it here http://goo.gl/7mryftAdewale Edward concludes.

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